Community-building Initiatives

The Community-building Initiatives are a synergising of energies from various state agencies and elected representatives which will impact and empower the People of Penang as a whole. The key objective of these initiatives is to reach the ground in all the 40 constituencies to create a broad and deep impact, and for this to happen, a common platform is being created to actively promote and coordinate volunteerism in the state. Four initiatives have been determined so far, based on the elements of Family Focus, Youth Empowerment, Green Awareness and Go Digital. In time, more initiatives will be developed.

Safe Family by Penang Women’s Development Corporation (PWDC)

The Safe Family initiative aims to provide an avenue for victims of domestic violence who are seeking assistance, by setting up first support points in constituency service centres. The centre will also provide pertinent information to victims, and assist in case referrals. In addition, the initiative also aims to deliver awareness sessions to promote a safe family environment where family members understand and practice trust and respect for one another.

Milestone(s) by December 2021

  • 10 service centres ready as first-support points
  • Organised 4 awareness sessions to a total of 200 participants

Milestone(s) by December 2022

  • 40 service centres ready as first-support points
  • Organised 24 awareness sessions to a total of 1,200 participants

Penang Youth Volunteer by Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC)

PYDC’s Penang Youth Volunteer initiative provides a platform for youths to offer voluntary services to the local community. Through volunteerism, leadership values can be inculcated among the young, and their relationship with members of the community can be strengthened. As of early July 2021, the initiative has garnered 1282 volunteers.

Milestone(s) by December 2021

  • 2,000 youth volunteers recruited
  • Supported 5 volunteer-initiated projects
  • 100 community youth leaders trained
  • 50% participation per constituency

Milestone(s) by December 2022

  • 4,000 youth volunteers recruited
  • Supported 24 volunteer-initiated projects
  • 200 community youth leaders trained
  • 80% participation per constituency

Trash-free Penang by Penang Green Council (PGC)

The Trash-free Penang project by PGC aims to promote waste segregation at source and reduce the usage of single-use plastics in our community. It also aims to recruit more Penang Green Citizens as spokespersons to increase awareness on waste management and pollution, and improve public and consumer support for green policies in the state.

Milestone(s) by December 2021

  • 100% compliance with “Say No to Plastic Bags” policy by state assemblypersons
  • 100 Penang Green Citizens recruited per constituency

Milestone(s) by December 2022

  • At least 3 “Waste Segregation at Source” project per state assemblyperson
  • 60% community participation in “Waste Segregation at Source” project.
  • Maintain the recruitment of at least 100 Penang Green Citizens per constituency
  • Establish a minimum of 3 recycling stations per state assemblyperson

#DahDigital by Digital Penang

#DahDigital aims to raise digital literacy among the people of Penang and drive the adoption of technology, especially in e-commerce and micro, small and medium enterprises through its “Digital Promoters” who reach out to the ground to assist and provide basic knowledge, and its “Digital Coaches” who organise workshops and clinics. In time, usage of e-wallets will be the norm and citizens will be equipped with the knowledge to execute simple online services such as e-commerce, e-banking and e-hailing.

Milestone(s) by December 2021

  • 80% of state assemblypersons to have held classes
  • 10% of residents in each constituency to have participated in the workshops; minimum 10 attendees per class

Milestone(s) by December 2022

  • 100% state assemblypersons to have held classes
  • 65% Daily Active Usage of e-wallet statewide
  • 30% of residents in each constituency to have participated in the workshops; minimum 10 attendees per class

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